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Job Interview Tips And Questions

Q:  I need some new tips for an upcoming job interview.  What are the keys to impress a hiring manager?  And what questions will I get?

You’ve done all the hard work to get a job interview.  Congrats!  Now you need to deliver when it really matters.  Here’s how to do that with style . . .

So what are the tips for a great job interview? Well, it is about preparation, confidence and delivering on your brand promise consistently throughout the day.  Oh, and telling relevant and compelling stories about the type of impact you’ll have in the new job!

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Try these tools to help prepare:

How to Prepare For A Successful Interview: Take A Sip™

Do You Know Your Career History? Introducing CareerBack™

All tools are available on the Tools For Job Search, Career and Life page!

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  • Careersherpa

    Hey, you’ve got a lot…what about the “close” and “thank you”. How have you convinced the interviewer you are interested in moving forward in the process? Sometimes, often times, it is ok to say you are interested! The thank you, whether typed, handwritten, emailed or snail mailed in another terrific way to show interest. Who doesn’t like a “thank you”! But be sure to include value in the message, why are you interested, what ideas do you have to bring to the table…

    • http://timsstrategy.com/ TimsStrategy

      Awesome Hannah – thank you!

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  • Chris Marocchi

    Tim, it appears that the link to ‘How to Prepare for a Successful Interview’ is broken. Could you fix or send me another link?

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