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Schedule A Career “Power Hour”

career coaching, job search help, job search strategyIf you were to give your career satisfaction a score between 1-10 today, what would it be?  And what aspects of your career are dropping or raising your score?

Here are 10 questions to think about:

1. Are you doing what you always said you wanted to do?

2. Do you feel happy at work?

3. Do you have an entrepreneur inside you screaming to get out?

4. How loyal do you feel to your current company?

5. If you are looking for work, do you feel like you have a good strategy in place to find your next great role in life?

6. Would you like to change your industry or function over the next few years?

7. Are you making enough money to feel good about the hours you are spending at the office?

8. How long is your commute and are you able to spend enough time with your family?

9. How are things with your boss?

10. Who’s managing the growth of your career?

If it’s hard to assign a number to your career satisfaction, go back through the above list.  Starting with a score of 10, take away 1 point for every question that you can’t answer or answer in a negative way.

Now these are not easy questions.  And the solution to them will not come right away. But if these questions are a constant in your mind or if, as you read them, your heart starts to beat a little faster, it’s likely you need to act on one or more of them.  And by acting I mean take a step toward making things better. Today.

Because you have to take action in life.

If you simply long for better things or hope that good luck will find you, well, it’s unlikely.

So today I am offering you a simple step.  A small commitment to finally start doing something about an issue you’ve been thinking about for your career.

Spend an hour with me.  I call it a Power Hour. 

Because it is 60 minutes of high energy conversation, creative brainstorming and specific advice to move your career in the right direction.

But here’s the kicker.  It’s not free.  Unlike almost everything on Tim’s Strategy, for this I need to charge you.

What would you spend for a highly motivating, provocative and challenging 60 minutes with a marketing, networking and personal branding expert?  And what if one of the results of our conversation was the raising of your career satisfaction score  from a 6 to an 8?  What would that be worth?  Or thinking about it another way, what’s the value of one or two items removed from your worry list?

Need more convincing?  Read this recent testimonial:

“When I was faced with the reality of a job change, I found it to be a daunting prospect.  I’m an operations guy, not a marketing guy, so to figure out the best way to “market” myself was challenging at best.  When I heard that Mariners Church was hosting a career coaching event called “10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Job Search”, I knew I had to attend. 

Tim Tyrell-Smith was presenting the topic and I was immediately impressed with Tim’s professional, thoughtful, and easy manner of speaking and presenting the topic.  It was a fun evening because of Tim plus he knows his stuff. He presents in a compelling and interesting way, and you know he really cares about the topic and the people he’s trying to help.  Not a bad combination in my opinion.  After the presentation concluded, I approached Tim and asked if he would be open to working with me by preparing me for my job search.  I needed a hands-on coach, not just advice. So we met briefly for coffee one afternoon and I knew I could benefit from what he had to offer and asked him to work with me. 

Over the next few weeks we met several times a week for an hour at a time refining the documents I would need for a job search and, more importantly, refining my personal brand.  I was excited about what we produced together.  And it wasn’t just advice, then being left to do the work on my own for his review.  Tim worked side-by-side with me developing the brand and reworking every line of my presentation documents to make sure they aligned with the personal brand we had developed.  In addition, Tim took me to networking events, listened to me while I spoke, and gave me feedback on the spot for my improvement.  The amazing thing is the kind and encouraging way Tim did this.  I never felt like I was being criticized, but always felt like a had a well-trained coach with me encouraging me to become my best. 

Not only did our regular meeting produce great materials, they also created a regular accountability event for me that lessened the isolation I was feeling from not going to work each day and being at home more than I’d like.  I would recommend Tim to anyone who needs assistance in their job search, at whatever level.  He can provide advice, work with you side-by-side, develop your brand, coach you on networking and interviewing skills, and so much more.  I’m glad I didn’t waste time trying to do these things on my own.  I saved so much time and money by jump starting my job search with Tim’s help.”

And here’s another:

“POWER HOUR is jammed with job search nutrition.

I was recently laid off from my position as Director of Integrated Brand Solutions at USA TODAY.  Having read Tim’s blog for more than a year I turned to him for advice as a Career Coach.  He suggested we meet in a series of one hour sessions he called the POWER HOUR.

He vetted my game plan, tactics, collateral and technique.  I have a clear path and believe I can clearly communicate my value proposition to logical perspective companies (better and differently than before).

I found the POWER HOUR series I bought an invaluable tool.  And as anyone who has read Tim’s blog can attest he is an expert.  I’ve hired more than 50 people and been through 3 different job searches of my own.  But, despite my familiarity with the process Tim was able to add value.  I can recommend him and this process unconditionally!!”

Are you thinking about leaving your current company?

If you are, do you have a strategy?  Will you jump without a new job already picked out?  Are you thinking about starting a new business or buying a franchise?

There are so many great topics for a Power Hour.  What’s on your mind?

Decide today to start taking action.  Click the button below to get started. The cost is $200 for the hour.  And I promise it will be worth it.  You’ll get peace of mind and a solid strategy for an important decision.  As soon as you click the button, you will initiate a process to begin fresh in some part of your career or life.  And it will feel good.

If you’d like to schedule more than one hour, you can do that during checkout.

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